3.5 Мировая практика

Мировая практика использования урн с прозрачными мешками для сбора мусора


Washington Times Published: Feb. 4, 2006 at 7:45 PM
«The New York City Transit Authority is trying translucent trash cans that make it easier for police to spot explosives, in an antiterrorism measure.
The clear square bins made of a glass-like material are expected to begin appearing at various subway stops, the New York Daily News reported Saturday.
„NYC Transit has been exploring various anti-terror initiatives, including the use of alternative means to collect refuse in the system,“ said spokesman Paul Fleuranges.»


«Since the 1995 terror bombings in France, public trashcans have largely been replaced by transparent plastic bags, in which it is difficult to hide a bomb.»

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